Polarity Therapy is a powerful holistic health care program that applies scientific principles and combines deep physical and energetic work to create ease and health in the body, mind, and spirit. This comprehensive healing modality utilizes specific therapeutic techniques, methods, and guidelines, many of which are hands-on procedures. It is a clothes-on therapy.

Dr. Randolph Stone developed Polarity Therapy as a synthesis of modern Western healing techniques and ancient Eastern healing systems also utilizing Oriental medicine such as Ayurveda. Dr. Stone established Polarity Therapy over a period of many decades after an extensive background in a regular practice of Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and related manipulative arts. He was thoroughly educated in Naprapathy, Naturopathy, Zone Therapy, Reflexology, Yoga, and Acupuncture. Given this background it is understandable that Polarity Therapy clarifies and elaborates upon the working principles of so many healing arts.

Polarity practitioners are trained to read the body’s physical and energetic maps to facilitate the movement of blocked energy; creating release, balance, harmony and healing across the full spectrum of the human condition. Energy has its own patterns and directions of flow through positive and negative poles. For balance and health, the energy must flow freely through its fields, to and from its source.

Polarity Therapy also encompasses continual self-development and growing self-knowledge both for the client and for the practitioner. Bringing together energy-based bodywork, diet, nutrition, stretching postures, exercise, counseling, manipulation, the role of lifestyle, individual thought patterns and self-awareness practices; Polarity can relieve pain, resolve symptoms of trauma, and increase relaxation and stress management.

In short, Polarity Therapy is a way of working with the fundamental energies of life, a way of bringing these energy currents to a state of balance and removing obstructions to their free flow throughout the human energy field. This state of flowing balance enables the life energies to bring about the healing the client needs. A new state of balance is experienced as one of deep concentration and relaxation, as radiant health and improved peace of mind. As an added benefit a heightened awareness of one’s fundamental nature and one’s personal needs and potentials often results.

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