Relieve stress. Reduce pain. Decrease anxiety. Release toxins. Increase your energy. Enhance your quality of sleep. Improve your concentration. Gain strength. Renew flexibility and range of motion. Find balance. Feel at home in your body. Relax!

At Bliss Through Bodywork your happiness is our number one priority. Top quality integrative therapeutic massage, somatic polarity, and craniosacral therapy is offered from a professional state licensed massage therapist. Bliss Through Bodywork’s intention is to help you find your bliss by providing deep relaxation and relieving pain allowing your body to heal itself and assisting to guide you back into your own natural well-being. This is accomplished by releasing blockages and old patterns and promoting balance. Bliss Through Bodywork will also help you become familiar with your health options and conscious of your unique balance, body and holistic needs. Every session is highly intuitive and customized to fit your individual requests. Drawing from an array of techniques and experience ensures the perfect session every time!

Open Monday – Saturday by appointment.

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